GA Tickets  

GA Tickets grant you access to all general areas of the event and include an official Festival cup which will be given to guests upon arrival.

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First issue GA tickets – $40 + bf (Sold out)
Second issue GA tickets – $50 + bf
Door sale GA $65
VIP tickets $125 + bf (Sold out)
VIP tickets $135 + bf (Sold out)


VIP Area 

Purchase a VIP ticket to enhance your Festival experience.

The VIP area is situated next to the main stage where VIP guests will be able to party right beside the action in prime view or kick back, relax and get social in the outdoor lounge areas nearby.

The VIP area has covered and open-air spaces, private bathrooms, furniture settings, floating food platters and a large selection of beverages for purchase.

VIP tickets are limited in number to ensure comfort and include a Festival cup and a complimentary beverage upon arrival.

Ticket Area